Part 1-Do you want to stay positive?

Jane is a digital marketing professional working in a Swedish company.  She has been working with the company for last 8 years and has been moving very fast in her career journey. She is a go getter and now in such short time she has started managing a team as well.

Now suddenly the company has been taken over by an American giant. They brought in lot of money, new expansion plan. However with this they have their own plan of cost cutting as a well. Under this plan they identified 15 senior and middle level employees as financial load  and would be replaced by less experienced  employees.

Jane has been identified as one of them. It seemed to her an absolutely harsh decision of life. All her colleagues and team members were in discussion of an injustice done to her Jane.

Jane is not able to hear anything. She is only able to hear her inner voice which is asking lot of questions to her.

There are multiple thoughts which come to your mind. It does not wait for your command. They just keep coming one after another. They come as strong inner voice….

All this inner voice is changing all her emotions as well. Suddenly from a confident, strong and fearless professional, she is experiencing a whole lot of new range of emotions like

The day of exit came and  Jane is surrounded by people. All are old colleague and they feel for him. They are showering him with suggestions, techniques, wishes and lots of positivity.  Everybody’s parting lines were ….. ‘Stay positive’.

which are a combination of negative and also positive as she has always been very positive but the load of negative is too high in this condition. In this condition Jane asks herself….…. I need to be positive but how do I do it?

The phrase ‘Stay Positive’ is often used very loosely and in it is unclear to most of us how to practice it especially in our day to day life whether personal and professional.

We are still living in the illusion that if we do some yoga sessions, some meditation session, use ME time, talking positively, feeling happy , then we could stay POSITIVE.

Is it enough?

Do we just need to do so little to be POSITIVE?

With all this can we maintain our emotions and be positive for a long time?




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