We all do it. Isn’t it? We quantify situations hastily.

The parameters of quantification may differ from person to person and depend largely upon the situation, but majorly it is divided into the two …….

No, we are not here to discuss if this polarization is good or bad, but rather to help you understand whether we need this classification or not. See, classifications can make things simpler for us. Undeniable for sure!

It helps us to make decisions faster, and this is how life can keep going without too much analysis or introspection. It is crucial in some cases to classify “good or bad”.  For instance,


But in most cases, we look at a situation only at its extremes, which is immature because then you will have only two pictures in your mind, either good or bad, black or white. Clearly, no space for grey(balance).

For an example, assume that while dusting today, you broke a vase! Now, what would you think instantly?

And now your mood becomes a slave of events which happen in your life, and gradually, to your surprise, you will fall prey of low self-image or self-doubting!

If you notice keenly, you can detect that all this process of polarizing events into “good or bad” majorly depend on materialistic influx or efflux because they provide short term pleasure or pain.

Hence, we can say that the parameters of classifying events are based on materialistic illusions, which will change now and then, but can significantly hamper your mental health.

Either there is a need for multiplying the dimension of classification as “good” or “bad” or, we need to look at the entire situation in harmony, by just being mindful of all the odds and accept it as it comes.

Now, you may wonder, as to why did I suggest to “accept as it comes”? Okay, so when we classify the situation into either of the two categories, we generally get carried away by emotions attached to it.

Striking a balance between these two, therefore, becomes a matter of utmost importance for our

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