Top Challenges of New & Old Managers….

Many new managers feel no one understands what they’re going through and find themselves struggling as a manager.

The numbers prove it:

1).20% of managers are doing a poor job, according to their subordinates.

2).26% of managers feel they were not ready to lead others to begin with.

3).Almost 60% say they never received any training when they transitioned into their first leadership role.

It’s tough to make the transition from an individual contributor who does the work well, to a leader who must continue to do the work, plus lead others.

So lets see the common problems most of the new and old managers go through ..

Some other disturbing statistics about the  challenges  are ….

Due to this…..50% of the managers in organizations are rated as ineffective in their career.

No wonder why all the managers feel so overwhelmed all. the time. But why is this problem?

See our next blog for the answer…

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